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App not running on Nexus 10 running Android 5.1.1

Nexus 10 running Android 5.1.1
The app starts and shows the LANmic icon in the top left corner with a light blue line under it and a dark gradient background, but that's it, that's all. If I click the back button, it vibes twice and after several seconds, it reports, "LANmic isn't responding. Do you want to close it?"

Chris , 06.06.2015, 07:32
Response from the site administrator
portable, 11.09.2016
Fixed in Version 2.0 of LANmic.
Idea status: completed


portable, 06.06.2015, 14:50
Have you used LANmic on another device that works? I can't tell what is wrong or not working from your description. It doesn't sound anything is wrong. You aren't supposed to use the back button in the first place. Maybe a screenshot, preferably with DDMS log would help. We don't have Android 5.x device here and won't be able to reproduce/fix the problem you see.
Chris, 09.06.2015, 03:22
I was mainly interested to bring up what I believed to be a bug for your attention and hopefully the betterment of the app. I've had a little experience in the development process of some apps and I'm familiar with the impossibility to test on every kind of device. I'd like to help you with information in whatever way I can.
The app appears to work fine on a MotoX that I have running 4.4.4.
There's another unnamed android device running 4.3. This is actually the device I was wanting LANmic to operate on for a type of mic testing. The app appears to crash just after showing the essentially blank screen I described above. Android reports, "Unforntunately, LANmic has stopped."
How can I get screenshots sent to you and what info might you need about the 5.1.1 and 4.3 devices?
portable, 13.06.2015, 18:02
Sounds like screenshot won't be of much use here. Sounds like only the DDMS log might be useful here. Even if you can provide the log, I am afraid we don't be able to fix the problem in the short term because this app is not actively developed at the moment and we need to reproduce it on our end to fix problems. If you provide log, it might help when we resume development of this app. There is more info on DDMS here - http://developer.android.com/tools/debugging/ddms.html
Peter, 04.10.2015, 07:25

I am experiencing the same problem. I have upgraded my android smartphone to version 5.1 and I have the same behavior. I am happy to provide any information needed to solve the problem. If you need a log, please instruct haow to provide it.

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