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Antivirus software reported it isba malware. y ???

After i installed it, avg antivirus told it is malware. Told me to remove it.
Any idea?

Avsetup , 30.05.2015, 07:29
Response from the site administrator
portable, 11.09.2016
If you read the actual report on AVG, it says "No potential malware has been detected for this Android app for the last 7 days. However, active adware was detected." Looks like AVG think the ad network's library we are using as adware, there is not much we can do for now. Such false alarm is pretty common in the so call antivirus app in Android that picks up things that aren't of any real threat.

The offending ads library is removed in the Version 2.0 of LANmic.
Idea status: completed


portable, 30.05.2015, 18:55
Obviously, AVG is misreporting our app as antivirus. AVG have a tendency to misreport other applications as virus on computer too. As you can see on market, we have not make any changes or updated the app for a many months. If you try more reputable app like lookout which has its root in Android, unlike AVG, you will see LANmic is not a virus.

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